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Calm Sea
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Swimmer Registration

Terms and Conditions

Our swim trips aren’t about speed; more exploring and enjoying the experience. However for the Adventure Swim Hike, we recommend that you are able to swim a mile in 40 min or less and be prepared to be in the water for up to 2 hours.


For the Swim Experience, there is no minimum standard. This session is designed to allow you to enjoy swimming a shorter route at your own pace, in the shelter of a bay.

Once you have paid to reserve your place, the money is non-refundable. The swim will go ahead in all but the worst conditions, in which case we would cancel the swim and refund you in full.


Two days prior to the swim, we will email you a swim card with the conditions, planned route and information on where to meet.

Your belongings will be left unattended (living on Scilly we feel happy to leave our swim stuff out all year round), but of course there is always a small chance of theft, so what you leave will be at your own risk.

For the Adventure Swim Hike, either before or after the swim, it will involve a walk along the coastal path - of which is uneven ground. We recommend bringing suitable footwear for this.

The sea temperature on Scilly can be several degrees cooler than mainland coastal waters. We would recommend a swimming wetsuit to give warmth and buoyancy. If however you are an experienced skin swimmer and are comfortable with the conditions, it will be your decision to accept the safety risks associated with not using a wetsuit.

Open water swimming can be a risky activity and can be associated with serious personal injury if which incurred, we are not liable for.  The risks of outdoor swimming include (but are not limited to) hypothermia, drowning, injury from wildlife, debris in the water, rocks, and other water users.

We take photographs and videos during the swim, which we will share with you. We may use these on social media. Please let us know if you would prefer for us not to.

Under 18s are welcome - provided this registration form is completed on their behalf by a parent/guardian.

You should swim within your own capability and are responsible for your own insurance; please tick the box below to acknowledge the points above.

We look forward to meeting you!

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