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Red Rescue Board

The waters around Scilly are several degrees cooler than mainland coastal sea temperatures; around 8C at their lowest in winter, rising to around 16C by September. We would recommend using a swimming wetsuit for warmth and buoyancy, as well as a swim hat, goggles and swim socks. If however you are an experienced skin swimmer and are comfortable with the conditions, it will be your decision to accept the safety risks associated with not wearing a wetsuit.


If you don't have one, we will provide you with a safety tow float. We'll escort you with one or both of us on our Surf Rescue Boards and carry a marine VHF radio, first aid kit and mobile phone during the swim. Anna and Ruth have both completed the Royal Life Saving Society beach lifeguard course. We operate with a maximum ratio of 1 lifeguard with rescue board to 6 swimmers.


Once we've run through the pre-swim briefing, you're welcome to take some time to acclimatise to the water, and when comfortable, we can begin your swim adventure!


Our swim trips aren’t about speed; more exploring and enjoying the experience. Endurance is the key, so if you can keep moving in the water for up to 2 hours/ swim a mile in 40 min or less, this would be a good benchmark.

Open water swimming can be a risky activity and can be associated with serious personal injury if which incurred, we are not liable for.  The risks of outdoor swimming include (but are not limited to): hypothermia, drowning, injury from wildlife, debris in the water, rocks, and other water users. You should swim within your own capability at all times and be responsible for your own insurance.


Swimmers under 18 are welcome, provided they have permission from a parent or guardian.


Any belongings that you would like to have at stored at the start/finish (towel, clothes etc.) these will be kept in our pop-up gazebo and left unattended. Living on Scilly we feel happy to leave our swim stuff out all year round, but of course there is always a small chance of theft. What you choose to leave will be at your own risk.

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