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Swim dates 2024

May 17th Swim Experience
May 29th - Swim Experience
May 31st - Swim Hike

June 21st - Swim Hike
June 26th - Swim Experience
June 27th - Swim Hike

July 3rd - Swim experience
July 4th - Swim Hike
July 12th Swim
July 19th - Swim hike
July 20th - Swim experience
July 26th - Swim hike

August 2nd Swim Hike
August 6th Swim Experience
August 7th Swim Hike
August 16th Swim Hike
August 18th Swim Experience
August 28th Swim Hike

September 5th Swim Experience
September 6th Swim Hike
September 13th Swim Hike


Wetsuit Hire
We have a limited selection of male and female swimming wetsuits available to hire for an additional £8
Swim Experience_edited.jpg
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